Digivice Guide for Digivice D3 Version 1 (US/EU/Asia)


This is a Digivice Guide for the Digivice D3 Version 1 (US/EU/Asia), The D3 Digivice is another Pedometer Digivice. You can identify D3 Version 1 from the casing colour which is opaque and only has a right-pointing arrow. Also from the gameplay maps, the locations are played in a fixed order. Let’s start this simple guide.


There are 4 Available Buttons on Digivice D-3 Version 1 :

A Button = OK
For select navigation, too view our status option (distance, step, d-power, winning ratios).

B Button = Cancel
For return/back navigation or cancel command.

R = Reset
Hit this button will cause all your precious data erased and restart the game like new.

C Button = Menu Options
Navigation to menu options such as Status, Map, Digiegg, Slot Game, Medical, and VS.

Status Options

It let us know how many distances again before we reach the main boss

How many step distance you have progress

Power gauge for digivolve

Winning ratios,
Win percentage ratios against other’s Digivice when we battling

Menu Options

Overview of your Digimon Partners with their Evolution and strength level (HP + Attack Power) of that Digimon.

Gameplay progress and location

All of the collected Digi-egg will be here

Slot Game, 
Bonus slot game play, it will reduce your Distance if you get the match or opposite.

Will needed to cure your Digimon if losing any battle

Battle with others Digivice!

Battle Options

“Ready” then just Shake the Digivice when “Count” word displayed on screen

Evolution with Digi-eggs

Evolution to Champion or Ultimate or Mega forms

Switch place with others Digimon available

Run away from battle

For this Digivice D-3 Version 1, 5 Partners Digimon available to choose from the start which is: Veemon, Hawkmon, Armadillomon, Patamon, Tailmon and in-game also later Wormmon.

Total Distance: 24000
Distance 14000 – MidBoss Map 1 Blackwargreymon (HP:8 AP: Level 3)
Distance 24000 – MainBoss Map 1 Zhuqiaomon (HP:10 AP: Level 3)

Map 2
Total Distance: 30000
Distance 16000 Midboss Map 2 Ebemon (HP:7 AP: Level 3)
Distance 30000 Mainboss 1 Wormmon (HP:3 AP: Level 1)
Distance 30000 Mainboss 2 Ebonwumon / Xuanwumon (HP:14 AP: Level 4)

Map 3
Total Distance:
Distance 20000 Mainboss Qinglongmon/ Azulongmon (HP:8 AP: Level 5)
Distance > 120000 Finalboss Baihumon (HP:15 AP:Level 5)