Digimon Pendulum X 1.0 & 1.5 Guide


The Digimon Pendulum X (デジモンペンデュラムX) is the fourth series of the Digimon Virtual Pet and doubles at the Digivice for the Digimon Chronicle storyline. The most notable additions to the Pendulum X are the items, the Quest feature, and the XAI (X-Antibody Indicator).

Digimon Pendulum X 1.0/1.5 (デジモンペンデュラムX1.0/1.5)is the first version of the Digimon Pendulum X Virtual pet. This Pendulum X Guide includes the first edition 1.0 and special edition 1.5 featuring a slightly altered cast of Digimon.

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Digimon Pendulum X 1.0/1.5

Name LCD Attribute Tera Shots Sleeps Min Weight
Dodomon [LCD] 23 5
Dorimon [LCD] 23 19:00 ?
Agumon X [LCD] Vaccine 23 21:00 16
Dorumon [LCD] Data 23 20:00 18
Greymon X [LCD] Vaccine 22, 28 22:00 20
Raptordramon (1.0) [LCD] Vaccine 22, 28 22:00 25
Dorugamon [LCD] Data 20 22:00 20
Death-X-Dorugamon (1.5) [LCD] Virus 19 22:00 25
Seadramon X [LCD] Data 20, 30 22:00 24
Kuwagamon X [LCD] Virus 19, 27 22:00 18
MetalGreymon X [LCD] Vaccine 23 22:00 38
Grademon (1.0) [LCD] Vaccine 23 22:00 36
Dorugremon [LCD] Data 21, 26 22:00 30
Death-X-Dorugremon (1.5) [LCD] Virus 24 22:00 36
MegaSeadramon X [LCD] Data 21, 26 22:00 32
Okuwamon X [LCD] Virus 24, 28 22:00 35
WarGreymon X (1.0) [LCD] Vaccine 20, 21 22:00 58
Gaioumon (1.5) [LCD] Virus 19, 20 22:00 58
Alphamon (1.0) [LCD] Vaccine 20, 21 22:00 70
Dorugoramon [LCD] Data 21, 22 22:00 64
Death-X-Dorugoramon (1.5) [LCD] Virus 19, 20 22:00 70
GigaSeadramon [LCD] Data 21, 22 22:00 50
GrandisKuwagamon [LCD] Virus 19, 20 22:00 56
Omegamon X [LCD] Vaccine 20, 21 22:00 80



About 1 hour after being born by Digitama, it evolves into Baby 2. Check status often.


From Dodomon with no conditions


Agumon X

From Dorimon
– Train 9 times or less.


From Dorimon
– Train 10 times or more.


Greymon X

From Agumon X/Dorumon
– Four or less care mistakes.
– Feed a “Meat-L” 1-time or more.

Raptordramon (1.0)

From Dorumon:
– Good chance of evolution if its the 2nd generation or more.
– One or less care mistake
– Feed STR-MAXx2.


From Agumon X/Dorumon:
– Three or less care mistakes.
– One or more STR-MAX.

Death-X-Dorugamon (1.5)

From Agumon X/Dorumon:
– 2nd or 3rd Generation.
– One or less care mistakes
– “STR-MAX” 2 times or more.

Seadramon X

From Agumon X/Dorumon:
– Four or less care mistakes
– One or more “Protein +”.

Kuwagamon X

From Agumon X/Dorumon:
– Default evolution if no other conditions are met.


MetalGreymon X

Greymon X/Raptordramon (1.0)/Death-X-Dorugamon (1.5)
– Four or less care mistakes
– Battle 40 times or more.
– Feed Meat-L one or more times.
– Feed Metal Rise one or more times.

Grademon (1.0)

From Raptordramon (1.0)
– Win Ratio of 90% or more.
– Sky wing 2 times or more.
– Metal rise 2 times or more.


From Greymon X/Raptordramon (1.0)/Death-X-Dorugamon (1.5)/Dorugamon/Kuwagamon X:
– Four or less care mistakes
– Win Ratio 70%.
– STR-MAX 2 or more times.
– Sky Wing 2 or more times.
JOGRESS: Greymon X (1.0/1.5) + Dorugamon (1.0/1.5) (NOTE: Both will become Dorugremon)

Death-X-Dorugremon (1.5)

From Death-X-Dorugamon:
– Two or less care mistakes
– 90% Win Ratio or higher.
– “Zombie Meat” 1-time or more.
– “D-poison” 2 times or more.

MegaSeadramon X

From Raptordramon (1.0)/Death-X-Dorugamon (1.5)/Dorugamon/Seadramon X/Kuwagamon X:
– Battle 30 or more times.
– Two or more Aqua Orb
– One or more “Protein +.
JOGRESS: Raptordramon X (1.0) + Seadramon X (1.0/1.5) (NOTE: Both will become MegaSeadramon X)
JOGRESS: Death-X-Dorugamon (1.0) + Seadramon X (1.0/1.5) (NOTE: Both will become MegaSeadramon X)

Okuwamon X

From All Adult Digimon:
From Greymon X:
-Default evolution if no other conditions are met.


WarGreymon X (1.0)

From MetalGreymon X/Grademon/MegaSeadramon X
– Three or less care mistakes
– 80% Win Ratio
– Artificial type
– Meat-L 5 times or more.
– Metal rise 3 times or more.
– CHO-Energy 2 times or more.

Gaioumon (1.5)

From Death-X-Dorugremon
– Three or less care mistakes
– 80% Win Ratio or higher.
– X-type is Ar (artificial).
– Meat-L 5 times or more.
– Metal rise 3 times or more.
– CHO-Energy 2 times or more.

Alphamon (1.0)

From Grademon:
– Zero care mistakes.
– 150 Battles or more.
– 80% Win Ratio or more.
– A type is Ar.
– “CHO-Energy” 5 times or more.
JOGRESS: Grademon (1.0) + MegaSeadramon X (1.0/1.5) (NOTE: Grademon will become Alphamon and MegaSeadramon X will become GigaSeadramon)


Grademon (1.0)/Death-X-Dorugremon (1.5)/Dorugremon
– Two or less care mistakes
– 80% Win Ratio or more.
– Artificial type.
– STR-MAX/Sky wing/CHO-Energy 3 times or more each.
JOGRESS: Okuwamon X (1.0/1.5) + Dorugremon (NOTE: Both will become DoruGoramon)

Death-X-Dorugoramon (1.5)

From Death-X-Dorugremon:
– No care mistakes.
– Battle 150 times or more.
– 80% Win Ratio or higher.
– Artificial type.
– Zombie Meat 3 times or more.
– “CHO-Energy” 2 times or more.
JOGRESS: Death-X-Dorugremon (1.5) + MegaSeadramon X (1.0/1.5) (NOTE: Death-X-Dorugremon will become Death-X-Dorugoramon and MegaSeadramon X will become GigaSeadramon)


All Perfect Digimon:
– 100 battles or more.
– Win Ratio of 70% or more.
– Aqua Orb 2 times or more.
– Metal rise 2 times or more.
– CHO-Energy 2 times or more.
JOGRESS: MegaSeadramon X (1.0/1.5) + Grademon (1.0) (NOTE: MegaSeadramon X will become GigaSeadramon and Grademon will become Alphamon)
JOGRESS: MegaSeadramon X (1.0/1.5) + Death-X-Dorugremon (1.5) (NOTE: MegaSeadramon X will become GigaSeadramon and Death-X-Dorugremon will become Death-X-Dorugoramon)


From Okuwamon X:
– 19 care mistakes or more.
– 40% or more Win Ratio.
– Being a Third generation Digimon.
From all other Perfect Level Digimon
– If it recovers 10 times from a dying condition prior to evolving into an Ultimate Digimon it will evolve unconditionally.

Omegamon X

From WarGreymon X (1.0), Gaioumon (1.5)
– Feed a Master Tag.
JOGRESS: Alphamon (1.0) + DinoTigemon (2.0) (Note: Alphamon will become Omegamon X and DinoTigemon will become Dukemon X)
JOGRESS: Death-X-Dorugoramon (1.5) + DinoTigemon (3.0) (Note: Death-X-Dorugoramon will become Omegamon X and DinoTigemon will become Dukemon X)


Powering up for training/battle

First you shake the Pendulum X, and it tells you the shake count. Then the die will roll a random number from 1 to 7. Your Digimon will then shoot 5 shots of variable size. (If a battle has not finished after 5 shots, the pattern repeats.) The size of these shots is important for training and for battle.

The shake count determines which of the 5 shots get powered up. The others remain as singles. There is very little pattern to this, but the same number of shakes on the same Digimon will always give the same sequence. The “Tera Shots” numbers listed on the profiles page tell you the number of shakes required to power up all five of the shots.

The die-roll determines how much these shots get powered up. Note that rolling a 1 or a 2 gives all single shots, regardless of shake count. Rolling a 7 is special and gives the maximum performance regardless of shake count.

Die-Roll Size of Powered-up Shots
1 Single Shot (no change)
2 Single Shot (no change)
3 Double Shot
4 Triple Shot
5 Triple Shot
6 Super Hit (big fireball)
7 all shots are Super Hits regardless of the number of shakes

Menu Options

  1. Scale: The Scale screen contains all your Digimon’s vital statistics. There is the Age/Weight screen as per usual as well as the “Stage” your Digimon is at evolution wise. The little eggs on the first page will show you your Digimon’s Generation. You can have up to a third multi-generational Digimon before it will die and not leave an egg. Leaving an egg will allow your items to be transferred to the next generation and your Digimon to be multi-generational, which will open up new paths of evolution. On the Battle Record Screen you will see a Wi (Wild), No (Normal), or Ar (Artificial). They represent the following:
    • Wild: Low XAI rating, weak and offensive, also disobedient.
    • Normal: Medium XAI rating, Normal obedience, Average Strength
    • Artificial: High XAI rating, Strong and obedient.

    Instead of having the traditional “Hearts” method of keeping track of Hunger and Strength, this time it’s in a series of 4 XAI screens. The first is your Hunger screen, the second Strength. Feed and train your Digimon until there is a solid lit X and your Digimon is happy. The third screen is your evolution screen. If you have a solid lit X, your Digimon will evolve soon. The last screen is your XAI; keep this full, or your Digimon may refuse items and training. There is no DP gauge on the Pendulum X. The Battle/Jogres (B-J-) screen remains, although only specific Digimon from the correct version of Pendulum X can Jogres with another Pendulum X.

  2. Food: Page though the item selection. There will always be Meat and Protein available. Battle Digimon on the map or find items on the map to fill your inventory. You can have up to three of each item and transfer them to other Pen X’s if available. For a list of items on each Pendulum X check the Quest Mode & Item Section.
  3. Training: This is where your Digimon will train; a successful training session will increase your Digimon’s strength naturally. There are two options here as well:
    • Normal: This training is similar to the Pendulum series. Shake, the dice will roll, and your Digimon will fire a series of 5 shots. The sizes of the shots determine your points, with scoring as follows:
      Single Shot = 0 points
      Double Shot = 1 point
      Triple Shot = 2 points
      Super Hit = 4 points

      It is required you get 5 Points or higher to increase your Strength hearts. A series of 5 sequential Double Shots earns you a “Mega Hit”, a series of 5 Triple Shots will get you a “Giga Hit” and a series of 5 sequential Super Hits will earn you a “Tera Hit”.

    • Quest Mode: The Pendulum X series offers a secondary training method called “Quest Mode” where you battle opponents throughout a 100 Step Map. Victories and losses are both counted. The Battle Method is the same as training except you and your enemy will have 6 bars of health. A Single Shot will remove 1 bar of health, a Double Shot 2 bars, a Triple Shot 3 bars, and the Super Hit varies. On the Pen X 1.0 a Super Hit from any Digimon will take all 6 bars of health for an instant kill. However, on the Pen X 1.5/2.0/3.0 it will only a Super hit from a Digimon of a higher level will take all 6 bars, if the same or lower level it’ll only remove 4 bars of health. You will face a preprogrammed set of Enemy Digimon, which can be viewed on the Quest Mode & Item Section.
  4. Toilet: This will wipe the screen clear when your Digimon poops approximately every three hours. Your Digimon will become sick if it poops 8 times without being cleaned.
  5. Bandage: This is where you provide Medical attention for your Digimon. If he becomes sick (the ‘…’) above its head use the bottom selection and if he is dying (the skull) use the top selection. Sometimes, your Digimon will refuse the treatment, so you will have to keep trying until it takes the treatment. If your Digimon gets the sickness/dying status too many times or is left untreated, it may die. Your Digimon can still get injured even if it wins. If your Digimon is about to die after a harsh battle, shake the Pendulum X very fast to prevent death.
  6. Lights: Select this function to turn the lights off when your Digimon is ready to sleep. You must do this within 20 minutes (or before the ‘Call’ light goes out), or it will count as a care mistake and your Digimon will wake up one hour later.
  7. Connection: For the Pendulum X there are three functions for connecting:
    • Battle: Battle with other Pendulum Xs and later virtual pets that also feature the tri-pronged connector. Fresh/In Training Digimon cannot battle.
    • Item Trading: You will be able switch items between your Pendulum Xs. You can also switch the plain Meat and Proteins over if you want to put all your Items on one Pendulum X or get items without losing any. Some items are version specific, so check the Quest Mode & Item Section.
    • Jogress: Here you can Jogress with the compatible Digimon from another Pendulum X. Only specific combinations will work; check the Pendulum X Evolution Requirements page. If you attempt an unsuccessful Jogress, then the Strength of your Digimon will become zero.
  8. Die Function: If you are in need of a simple Die select this option and shake and the die will ‘roll’.


  • When your Digimon has a low XAI it could refuse items, so be careful when feeding it rare items because if it refuses the item you will lose one of that item.
  • If you attempt an unsuccessful Jogress then the Strength of your Digimon will become Zero.
  • On the Pen X 1.0 a Super Hit from any Digimon will take all 6 bars of health, instant kill. However on the Pen X 1.5/2.0/3.0, only a Super hit from a Digimon of a higher level will take all 6 bars; if the same or lower level it’ll only remove 4 bars of health.
  • If your Digimon cries out for no reason, Strength and Hunger is full, it is because of a Battle Cry. You must take your Digimon onto the Map and defeat one or more Digimon. It had a lust for Battle. Not responding does count as a Care Mistake.
  • A Care Mistake is when your Digimon cries out and you fail to attend to it before it gives up. Your Digimon will do this when its hearts run out or it’s time to turn out the lights.
  • Waking it up during its sleep is also counted as a Care Mistake.
  • Item Gathering: On the 1.5 and 2.0 you do not have to fight the Map bosses, you can use this opportunity to gather items without battling.

Reference: File Island: The Complete Digimon Electronics Resource